The Venus room

The Venus room on the ground floor is decorated in various shades of rose and coral. On the exclusive mirrored table there is every imaginable massage oil, lubricant, feather tickler, love game, sex toy, incense and Ylva´s own invention the exstacy phallos, to enhance the passionate atmosphere. The bible of the house, Orgasmera mera (Orgasming More in English) is yours to read in Swedish, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian. You can try the love swing from the ceiling and pick whatever you want to take with you from the basket with erotic toys.
The king-size bed is large and comfortable, partly encircled by a drapery of pearls and crystals and from the ceiling a canopy of embroidered coral silk from India. In the corner a picture of Venus reflected by the red Indian lanterns. Enjoy!

The Tao room

The TAO room in the attic is dominated by the big round bed perfect for lovers´play and an ingenously placed mirror where every move you make can be watched if you like. The rooms is coloured in soft pastel shades of light pink and turquoise so as not to compete with the magnificent view of the landscape.  
Up here you can let your mind jut float away and indulge your senses with the inspiration of the Tao art of love: silk, sable brushes, perfumed candlelights and massage oils, Chinese love illustrations and Mantak Chia´s The Multi-orgasmic Couple. Also, experiment with the love swing and pick your choice of the love toy for the night to take home with you as a memory of the night passed in loving.

The Kamasutra room

In the Kamasutra room you can leave eveyday life behind and step into a lavish Indian love temple where the highest of all the arts is worshipped, the art of making love. The Indian love goddess Shakti welcomes you into a world of the senses with incense, flowers, scents, tastes, colours, silks, gold and glitter. 
In the centre is a canopy bed like a room in the room where you can relax and make love for three days and nights in a row just like the Indian gods! Let yourself be inspired by the erotic motifs of the Kamasutra on the walls, the exciting game of  Tantric cards or the small library with old and new versions of this oriental love philosophy which has fascinated for thousands of years. The erotic creativity was much bigger in ancient times so just indulge in the sensualities of the Kamasutra!
Making love in a swing was  very popular 3000 years ago and is often depicted in the old love manual. Our Kamasutra rooms is also equipped with a love swing of classical design from acient times. The different swings in our rooms  De olika gungorna hos oss har blivit det i särklass mest njutningsfyllda kärleks- redskapet, lovprisat av våra gäster. Känslan av att vara helt fri, viktlös och rörlig ger helt nya spännande upplevelser under älskandet.