Summer in our paradise garden

The summers at VENUSGÅRDEN are magical - our entire garden transforms into a flowering haven made for loving!

In  spring our little peach tree's bare branches start to bloom,  bearing so many sweet, white-fleshed peaches in August  that the branches nearly break.  Then the whole ground is covered with flowering bugleweed  of dark lilac and my favorite,  blue-eyed mary in the brightest blue on a background of dark green ivy. Just beautiful! Amongst all this various bulb flowers explode like the small wild tulip in light apricot hue with dark egdes and a black  pistil. Or the tall and rank tulips in a variety of colours, daffodils, fragrant tazetts and hyacinths. Clematis montana swings its branches with the sweet pink flowers high up on the old well rod despite the fact that it almost died in the hard winter of 2012.

Even the sky flowers at Venusgården in the springtime. The pride of the farm, the fifty-year-old wisteria sends out its unparalled scents over the inner courtyard with its hundreds of lilac clusters of flowers, to be replaced by an equally unparalled green foliage which turns the gazebo into a green hut where we sit in the summer evenings enjoying the mystical sounds of the night  and a glass of wine. There is however a competition of scent from the Beauty of Moscow, the small lilac tree with its beautiful double petalled flowers in white and the lightest of pink with a fragrance you will never forget.

In this garden page there are three slideshows for you to enjoy. All the photos were taken with my Iphone from 2009 and onwards. Now having looked at more than a thousand pictures I am stricken by the incredible beauty and splendor of our paradise garden.  I love my flowers!


In the middle of June new flower perfumes take over the garden and intoxicate bumble bees, butterflies and loving couples: honeysuckle and big fragrant peonies, various mints and thymes with scents of chocolate, pineapple and lemon. One after the other come yellow laburnum,  pink paradise bush, lilac catnip, red poppies and blue fleur-de-lis, not to mention all kinds of roses plus a whole bunch of semi wild flowers that have moved into the garden by themselves. Among them the proud Aaron´s rod which always positions itself in front of Åke´s window and the delphinium which you simply have to admire for its colour of electrical blue.

New ground covers spread over the garden, wild strawberries with its entangled baby plants and the climbing hydrangeas with its white bowls of flowers and alongside the houses the delightful little pennywort is creeping on to the walls. So beautiful!

Around Midsummer the inner courtyard is a lavish green jungle with thousands of flowers sending away their secret seductive promises of lust and pleasure. Here love is to be enjoyed freely under the pergola trellis ceiling of grapevines, clematis and roses intertwined with the foliage of wisteria and laburnum forming a lush arbor hideaway for the famous outdoor bed where our guests are resting, enjoying the flowers and themselves and making love!

This is truly a garden of pleasures!


In mid July the hollyhocks are everywhere and high up in a variety of red, magenta, pink and even black. The lavender is in bloom and the lilies too and the purple plumes of the butterfly bush attracts hundred of butterflies on the day we call the BIG BUTTERFLY DAY when even the warm wheel tracks up to the farm is covered with them so that no  cars are allowed there, a magical show!

Enjoy all the pictures taken with my Iphone until everything reappears again next summer, even more beautiful thanks to the rich soils of Scania and all the love energy that the guests of Venusgården create here. This is one of the places on earth where lovemaking is truly in the air!


Midsummer is also the time of the roses, the flowers I love the most because they symbolize erotic love in all its multitude  and generosity. At Venusgarden they are wildly romantic and passionately sensual as they wriggle and weave on every arbour, pergola, fence and archway with a glorious bloom. On the nex page you can stick your nose into the roses, close your eyes and let imagination  take you here, to our paradise in Sweden!