Aphrodites´ roses

Every Midsummer I wish I could freeze Time itself because then all the roses take over the farm completely and wrap it in a symphony of scents and colours. They climb and clutch, flow and throw themselves on everything in colours of white, pinkish white, bubble gum pink, apricot, mellow yellow, light yellow and lemon yellow, raspberry red, Magenta, deep red, dark red with a yellow centre, white with red egdes  and the coral of the Venus rose.

Many times a day I just walk around the garden enjoying all the intoxicating fragrances from the roses; the deep yellow with a lemon twist, Albertine which opens with the sun and smells of raspberry,  and Polar Star, the white climber reminiscent of the muscat wine.

The guests at Venusgården want to know everything on how to cultivate these magnificent roses, So I tell them that banana skins, nettle water and some of that old tender loving care is what makes them grow in such abundance. And then the rich soil works wonders of course!

Welcome during the summer to share this paradise perfumed by roses! To be inspired, enjoy all the wonderful photos below!